Perfect Place For Get Together

Beauty of Chateau to rent in France is there’re often several areas to eat food, and some also have the outside dining rooms, and often during summer meals can be eaten on terrace, there’re the facilities for the barbeques round pool, the dining tables in the kitchens as well as larger formal dining area for when entire party gathers together. It is perfect if you prefer having informal breakfast with the family in morning and larger group gathering at evening. Whilst Versailles Palace sets gold standard for best historic houses of France, there’re many more to consider.
Chateau Pierrefonds
Chateau was destroyed at 17th century & lay in ruin almost 200years before getting bought by Napoleon in 1810, for 3,000 Francs. Then Napoleon III commissioned period of rebuilding at 1850 and exterior of castle is restored as the faithful representation of the medieval architecture. Restoration work in the castle was not finished. But, what is seen is fascinating. Pierrefonds is very stunning from moment you set your eyes on it & is well worth the visit in case you’re in area.
Chateau Plessis-Bourre
Plessis Bourre actually was built at 1468. The Chateau to rent in France exterior hasn’t been altered significantly over centuries. It is surrounded by large moat, and with working drawbridge, you can feel like you’ve stepped back the moment you can access this chateau.
Chateau d’Usse
Referred as Castle of Sleeping Beauty, enchanting d’Usse is straight from the fairy tale. Actually, it is inspiration for one Disney castle. The rose gardens & princess turrets capture imagination when you enter its grounds and inside doesn’t disappoint either. The rich displays of the history, which is accompanied by the wax work figures, charms old and young both as you tour centuries old chateau.